Happy New Year and Welcome to My New Blog.

I am, like many others, very excited to leave 2016 behind and am cautiously hopeful that this coming year will feature somewhat more positive and productive political eventualities and fewer losses to creative progenitors and heroes. I will also be going through past and present exploits of artistic endeavour that I have encountered on both an immediate and a remote nature on this space. 

The first look back will be to the UnEarth event that I held at Alphabetti Theatre in July consisting of 8 musical acts brought together for their shared capacity not only to produce fantastic experimental and electronic music but also to build the instruments or systems from which they play. Below shows the set list from the evening in order of performance. 

Mr. Blazey

Drone Ensemble

Jamie Cook

Ben Jean-Houghton

Phil Begg

Shelly Knotts  

Roo Carpenter


The evening opened with the beautiful sounds of Rob Blazey's hand crafted Kalimbo with built in X-Y controllers that modulated the live feed and activated samples as he undulated the instrument in his hands. The crunching rythmical section braking through expansive harmonious melody and zen like ether was a pleasure to witness and fortified my understanding of Rob's contribution to Grey Tapes. Drone ensemble occupied the centre of the venue floor with a multitude of contraptions varying from hurdy gurdys to gamalan like percussive instruments that filled the basement theatre with an acoustic purr among which Phill Niblock would be in element. Phil Begg, aka Hapsburg Braganza to my delight brought along his majestic modular synth from which he expelled a wonderous cacophony. It's always an absolute pleasure to put Phil on. Flying star of the algorave scene Shelly Knotts utilising her own EEG signals as source material transmitted from headset to computer to projector gifted us with her technological and sonic innovation and fellow live coder Co¥jpt, aka Sean Cotterill absolutely killed it, as always. 

I'm hugely excited for UnEarth II in which a series of improvisers will be showcased at Alphabetti Theatre on the 14th of January. Check up on Facebook for more details.