UnEarth, Improvise

It is the night before UnEarth II presented byThe Occasion Collective - TOC at Alphabetti Theatre and I am thoroughly looking forward to it. I wanted to curate a night of improvisational music from the North East that would demonstrate the diversity of this playful form of making, exemplify the accomplishments of the acts and would follow on thematically from the previous UnEarth event. It will be my first time working with two of the four acts, Acrid Lactations & Posset Trio and Some Some Unicorn although I have followed their output for a while. One of my intentions was that event may initiate new collaborations between the various improvisers while solidifying and developing existing ones. Due to the nature of improvisation it's difficult to know what to expect but this serendipity paves the way for such intriguing musicality.  

The full line up is as follows:

Drone Ensemble "...a loose, experimental affiliation of those who make, and perform with, extraordinary sound instruments. The subtle energy generated by the Drone Ensemble is made stronger by its connection to many minds as we move into the present continuous".
Joseph Sallis
Bex Harvey
Rebecca D'Andrea
Ben Applegarth
Sarah Grundy
Edwin Li

Acrid Lactations & Posset Trio: "Direct from the gutter! No-rules wrong-prov... Expect knotted metallic shuffles and damp gulping. Like jazz skipped a beat from dixie straight to fusion played mostly on mossy rocks and bladderwrack." 
Joe Murray
Stuart Arnot
Soo Fitzgerald



Cooking With Faye, "An ensemble of practitioners freely improvising through sound, music, dance and live videography with repetition, elongation and playfulness at it's core. Verging on Experimental Theatre, the project aims to initiate collaborations with artists from a multitude of disciplines to create spontaneous performances". 
Jamie Cook - electronics
Adam Stapleford - drums
Calumn Oscar Younger - percussion
Adam Goodwin - live videography



Some Some Unicorn "...both earnest and playful, clashing together drones, snatches of poignant half-melody, skronking horns, dexterous synths and signal processing into densely layered, complex atmospheres. Heard together, this is one hot, noisy, musical mess that the late Sun Ra would have loved".
Christian Alderson - drums
Shaun Blezard - electronics
Charlie Collins - percussion
Lindsay Hannon - vocals
Faye MacCalman - sax/clarinet
John Pope - bass
Mariam Rezaei - electronics
Derek Saw - trumpet



Then into the night with DJs including the wonderful Kuba Ryniewicz.